What is Therapeutic Day Treatment or TDT?

Therapeutic Day Treatment is a school-based program designed to successfully address mental health, emotional, behavioral and substance abuse issues that create a barrier to effective learning. FOCUS Inc. counselors facilitate strategic interventions designed to address disruptive behavior immediately without interrupting the class to address one child’s acting out. Effective interventions improve classroom dynamics and allow educators to teach. An immediate intervention by a counselor gives a child the best opportunity to redirect problem behavior so he/she can return to learning while protecting the learning environment for their classmates

Day Treatment Services:

Comprehensive, intensive, and clinical treatment services for children, ages 5 through 17, who exhibit emotional and behavioral problems. The day treatment team provides therapeutic activities including individual and/or group counseling, behavior management, crisis intervention, family counseling and psycho-educational interventions.

Once a child or adolescent has been determined to be eligible for Therapeutic Day Treatment,
a diagnostic evaluation is conducted, followed by the development of an Individualized Service Plan designed to cover therapeutic activities before, during and after school, as well as in the home and during holiday and summer breaks.

We Offer Three Day Treatment Programs:

School-Based Day Treatment Services: Services are provided within the school during school hours.

After-School Day Treatment Services: Services are provided at our agency’s or designated location from 2pm-7pm; free transportation and snacks are supplied.

Summer Day Treatment Services: Services are provided at our agency’s or designated location during the summer months; free transportation and FDA-approved meals are supplied.