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Mental Health Support Services

Individualized counseling and life skills training in the home and community environments to adults 18 or older who have trouble maintaining community stability and independence due to mental illness. Areas of focus includes, daily living skills training, accessing community resources, health and safety, financial management and social supports. 

Our FOCUS Points

Daily Living Skills

Medication Education and Support

Social and Coping Development

Educational, Vocational,  Employment Assistance Support and Monitoring

Health, Safety and Financial Management Support

Assistance with Scheduling and Attending all Medical/Psychiatric Appointments

Learn More about Mental Health Skill Building

The minimum age to receive our service is 18 years old as this offering is focused on assisting clients to live independently. Persons under 18 may still be eligible for MHSS if medically necessary criteria is met.

Individuals qualifying for Mental Health Skill-building Services must demonstrate a clinical necessity for service arising from a condition due to mental, behavioral, or emotional illness that results in significant functional impairments in major life activities. Services are provided to individuals who require individualized training to achieve or maintain stability and independence in the community.


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This service is not a substitute for mental health counseling or psychotherapy

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